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In accordance with the medieval theme, many of The Seven Deadly Sins are depicted as knights, broadly construed, who are clad in stylized variations of medieval armor, many of whom perform magic. Birthday After the departure of Chandler to rescue Meliodas, Cusack stays in the castle to stay with Zeldris, something that the latter finds suffocating, although this does not bother Cusack. When the spell that Gowther had used 3,000 years ago began to fall apart due to Meliodas and the Demon King discovering the truth, Cusack, like all those who were under its influence, begin to suffer the effects of the spell that kept their memories altered. 1. Granted they both were cursed, but by the time the deed was done, the demons were almost sealed. He then bows down and explains why it took so long for them to get out of the seal. Charmpoint: Nothing 2. He then unleashes his aura alongside Meliodas, Zeldris and Chandler, intimidating the heroes inside Excalibur. English. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Cusack's soul begins to be slowly tortured by Merlin, who mutilates him with snake-like creatures. report. Zeldris was born into the Demon clan as the second son … When Arthur Pendragon infiltrates the castle in search of the holy sword Excalibur, Cusack and Zeldris discover it. Kirk Thornton voices both Garland and Wallio. [1][2][3][4] The contradictory nature of the names given to the groups and characters is reflected in the emergence of the title group as the protagonists and the group of "Holy Knights" as the antagonists of the series.[5]. Watch Queue Queue. Zeldris is Meliodas's younger brother and Goku Black is actually not Goku's long lost twin brother. Showing that his loyalty to his charge far surpassed his care for his "other half". Elizabeth Liones. He disbands the Deadly Sins and enters an alliance with Zeldris after promising to use his status to release his brother's love Gelda, revealing to have absorbed the Commandment of Pacifism and intending to absorb the other commandments.[vol. Both in the English and Japanese versions. Cusack and Chandler declare that it is their duty to take charge of the enemy for Zeldris to save his power to face the Seven Deadly Sins. One of the five races of Britannia that are Demon Race's equals and are led by the Supreme Deity, a being created by Chaos alongside the Demon King before they sealed their creator away.[ch. Now that we've covered the hero, it's only fitting that the next entry would be the villain. Kaji, Yuki: Twigo. However, Chandler is suddenly assaulted by a lightning strike, at the same time that Cusack is hit by a wind concentration. He has voiced in several anime series, particularly those of young male protagonists. Team Ups Voice Compare Voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings Coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums. Zeldris is found outside by Meliodas severely injured. Despite being called the Sin of Wrath, displaying it whenever those dear to him are endangered or killed, Meliodas conceals his rage under the façade of a mellow trickster who is often seen fondling Elizabeth one way or another. He also had black pants with matching colored boots. When Estarossa awakens momentarily from his coma, Cusack shows concern for his presence, knowing of his mental instability. Media But Hawk mysteriously revives from his remains as a piglet before regaining his normal size through excessive eating. The Demon Brothers. He is also the creator and leader of the Ten Commandments, handpicking its members and granted them their Commandments to condition them as potential vessels to transfer his spirit once one among them absorbed all the Commandant sigils.[vol. 9 Zeldris- Goku Black. Manga Meliodas has to work with the sins to hide Zeldris from the Archangels or they'll kill him. Anime Seeing that Ludociel's power is weak compared to his original body, Cusack deduces that this is the limit of the human vessel. Merlin, free of any control, reminds the demon that she got the blessing of the Supreme Deity, on top of the strengthening of her soul and spirit as well. He is a former Owner to a bar named the Boar hat, he was also the Leader of the Seven deadly sins. Acknowledging his own immense power, the demon rebelled against the Demon King only to be dealt with and punished. Watch Nanatsu no Taizai if you just can't get enough of this 3000 years old kid! After Zeldris claims that he is the most worthy to be the next Demon King, Cusack, along with Chandler, walks into the scene. Long before the Holy War, Cusack trained Zeldris, the second son of the Demon King in combat. [16], Cusack possesses immense levels of endurance, as shown when he remains mostly unfazed from having been pierced through the abdomen by Meliodas’ darkness in his Assault Mode, though he was immobilized until the former recalled it back. He was sealed away along with the rest of the clan in the Coffin of Eternal Darkness until he was set free by Hendrickson. He was granted the Commandment of Piety, and is responsible for the ransacking of Camelot and the enslavement of its citizens as well as the denizens of Liones. 25.1K 474 413. here ya go, didn't make the art abowe becausd I can't draw. 24], After Elizabeth begins regaining her memories as the goddess Elizabeth, Meliodas resolves to become the new demon king to break their curses. Following the destruction of Baste Prison, the surviving Weird Fangs leave Liones before later returning, only to learn of the chaos that occurred in their absence. The Deadly Sins are eventually absolved of their crimes after liberating Liones from rule of the Holy Knights. [22] Even after taking a powerful Ark imbued jab from Ludociel, Cusack remains unharmed. Zeldris is the second son of the Demon King, the younger brother of Meliodas and the secondary antagonist of the anime and manga series TheSeven Deadly Sins. 37-39] The Demon King is eventually exorcised from Zeldris, forcing the entity to create a body from the surrounding countryside before Meliodas destroys his father for good.[ch. Relationships [3] He and Chandler were once a single entity known as the "Original Demon".[4]. However, Cusack assassinates Chandler by cutting him into little pieces with his sword, claiming that leaving him alone would mean allowing him to get in the way of Zeldris. Cusack refuses to accept that the most powerful demons are being humiliated by a mere human. Zeldris is a demon who is a member of the Ten Commandments, a group of elite warriors of the Demon Clan handpicked by the Demon King himself. Bryce Austin Papenbrook (born February 24, 1986) is an American voice actor, he is the son of the deceased Bob Papenbrook (the voice for Rito Revolto on Power Rangers). Chandler says how jealous he is that Zeldris and Cusack get to have a student-master reunion. There, Arthur suffers a sudden fall of strength and falls to the weakened ground. Much like Jiraiya from Naruto (minus the wrinkles and white hair), Meliodas is quite the pervy sage! When he moves in with Zeldris, life gets a lot mor... MELDRIS. Seeing no other way to defeat the likes of Merlin and Escanor, and after saying goodbye to their respective disciples, Cusack and Chandler decide to combine into a single entity known as the "Original Demon", the original form from which both demons were divided from after trying to dethrone the Demon King. Bryce Papenbrook is an American voice actor who has contributed voice work for the English dub of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Elizabeth Liones (エリザベス・リオネス, Erizabesu Rionesu) is originally from the Kingdom of Danafor before it was destroyed. But nevertheless, when Escanor releases the power of The One, Cusack becomes confused as he becomes able to walk over Zeldris' power as of nothing. Hawk. English Voice Cusack is shown to be proud of his mustache, claiming it as the number one mustache in the Demon Realm and was even shocked after realizing half of it was cut off in a fight with Arthur Pendragon, the only real damage he had done. Special ability: Execution 4. Each of the Ten Commandments can make use of a curse which plays on the virtue that they represent. Bryce Austin Papenbrook was born in the West Hills area of Los Angeles on February 24, 1986, the son … Under the rule of the Holy Knights, death was the penalty for insubordination. 332]. Meliodas has some similarities to a character named Caius Ballad from the game Final Fantasy 13-2 and Lightning Returns Final Fantasy. Cusack rarely fought during the war 3,000 years ago. These are some of Yuki Kaji's top roles in my opinion. While a whole army of demons gets ready for the new Holy War, Chandler and Cusack prepare for it by releasing their true forms. When asked why Zeldris is helping Meliodas, Peronia approaches him and says something to his ear. The Seven Deadly Sins is a manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, set in a fictitious Britannia (ブリタニア, Buritania) in a time period superficially akin to the European Middle Ages. Cusack is enraged when Zeldris is wounded in a clash of swords with Ludociel, attacking him with his darkness. Meliodas is often one of the most popular and recognizable anime heroes, in addition to being one of the primary members of the Shōnen Magazine franchise. 34] But Meliodas turned his back on his people when he fell in love with the Goddess Elizabeth, killing two of his fellow Commandments and causing the Holy War to occur.[vol. He says that the answer is simple, that he sees it as his own child, his treasure and everything, even though those are only sentimental feelings implanted in him by the Demon King. Cusack affirms that having returned to that form must be destiny and that he will carry out his will and duty as Cusack until the end. Though they won the war by using the Coffin of Eternal after the demon mage Gowther altered their memories that Mael was killed, the Supreme Deity was sealed away while the other members of the Goddess Race lose their physical forms. Status There, Cusack takes Zeldris and the ten Commandments, while the Seven Deadly Sins are celebrating their victory and runs away without them noticing. Zeldris's friends, King, Ban, Diane and Elizabeth don't know about him. Upon revealing his true form, Cusack grows much taller in stature and his arms grow longer and his hands become larger, enough to hold both his sword hilts in between his fingers. His demon mark is larger that extends down his cheek with the arrows converging together and a mark grows on his chest forming a cross. His attire consists of a skin tight white vest shirt with n… [12] Even Zeldris acknowledges that Cusack is stronger than him, with Cusack himself stating that Zeldris will one day surpass him. While waiting for Meliodas to come out of the cocoon, Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler are met at the castle by the Assault Force. Yuki kaji has an argument against himself…” Cusack says that he can see Zeldris on the throne of the Demon King, and he wants to help him by offering his strength. The group later dwindles to two members after the other three were killed by Fraudin while escorting Dreyfus to prison. Hobbies: Dragon hunting 5. [19], In his true form, Cusack is more powerful than ever. Bryce Papenbrook (born February 24, 1986) is an American voice actor who has done voice work for Animaze, Bang Zoom! He also displays complete rage when Meliodas brought Zeldris down with his darkness and was ready to attack Meliodas for it, and he shows great respect toward him and believes that Zeldris will be the one to surpass him. Meliodas appears telling them not to kill Arthur while ordering him to leave. My Meliodas / Zeldris Digital Painting Fan Artwork & Signed by Bryce Papenbrook, the voice actor of both Characters! Episode 14 (S3) Hawk (ホーク, Hōku) is a talking Gloucestershire old spots pig and Meliodas's pet/companion, introduced as the Boar Hat's 'captain of the Order of Scraps Disposal' as he eats the disgusting table scraps. Voiced by: Yūki Kaji (Japanese); Bryce Papenbrook (English) The Ten Commandments' acting leader and Meliodas' younger brother, bearing the sigil of Piety which turns those who turn their back on him into obedient servants to him and the Demon King, by extension. The Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪, Nanatsu no Taizai) were the strongest and cruelest order of Holy Knights in the kingdom, formed by Meliodas and six other brutal criminals from various races who were branded symbols of beasts to symbolize the sin that motivated their crimes. Chandler (other-half) 36, 37] But the victory is short-lived as the Demon King possesses Zeldris and restores Elizabeth's curse, prompting the Sins' final battle with the Demon King.[vol. After removing him, Merlin repels them with the second stage of her spell. Hair Color キューザック Chris Cason voices the Narrator and Fraudrin. She was adopted by Baltra Liones as the third princess of Liones. Later, the latter equips him with a Balor Power Eye that allows him to detect the power level of anyone he sees. The next day, when Zeldris returns from his quest if he has managed to retrieve Melascula's Commandment, Cusack avoids Chandler questions about his actions the last night. Jōji Nakata He has shown the ability to shoot energy beams from his eyes that can cause massive damage. Favorite food: Dragon meat 7. His demon mark consists of two black arrows extending below his left eye and a spot of darkness on his right shoulder that extends further around his arm. Like his brother Meliodas, he is voiced by Yuki Kaji in Japanese and Bryce Papenbrook in English. In a cave, Zeldris is tended by Cusack. However, Zaneri seems to have a fondness towards Meliodas, having feelings for him and like Elizabeth, having no problem with him groping her whilst Meliodas shows no interest in her as seen when she held his hand to her chest and he pulled it away. Yuki kaji has an argument against himself…” There, the two discover the Commandments alone on the verge of disappearing, Chandler wonders why they are not with Meliodas. They were branded as traitors to Britannia, having allegedly abetted the assassination of the Great Holy Knight Zaratras. When Zeldris mentions that the Seven Deadly Sins should not be underestimated, Cusack claims that Chandler is still in a position to finish them. But rather he's the villainous Zamasu inhabiting Goku's body. When Meliodas returns to the Camelot along with Chandler and Elizabeth, Cusack receives them along with Zeldris. Both voiced by Bryce Papenbrook in English. Each of the members of the group had the highest Holy Knight ranking, Diamond. A commandment's sigil passes to whomever defeats the current holder or receives it willingly, with the one who possesses all ten sigils gaining power equal to the Demon King's yet subject to becoming his vessel.[vol. She becomes an ally of the Seven Deadly Sins when seeking their help after the Great Holy Knights seized control of the kingdom, serving as a waitress in Meliodas' bar. Outside the castle, Cusack curses his weakness and his inability to help Zeldris, recriminating Chandler for the actions of his apprentice, without it being important. (Source: Nanatsu no Taizai Wikia) Voice Actors. Suzuki, Tatsuhisa: Golgius. no copyright claim. Handedness: Right-handed 2. Male Zeldris is Meliodas's younger brother and Goku Black is actually not Goku's long lost twin brother. Cusack complains that his old body takes time to warm up. The Demons clan are a race of humanoid beings who were at odds with the Goddess race 3,000 years ago until Meliodas' actions caused his people to wage war against the Goddesses and Stigma, an alliance of the Human, Giant, Fairy races. On his forearms are detached sleeves. Cusack taking Zeldris and the Commandments. He replies that he is not worthy of his praise. Napping Reaper「うたたねの死神 Utatane no Shinigami」Highest-Ranked Demon「最上位魔神 Saijōi Majin」Master Cusack Leonardo, José. He also sports a very long mustache that reaches his pectoral section and a small goatee. Voice Actors Characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials. Demon [25], Despite having his original magic power sealed,[26] excluding the Demon King, Cusack is celebrated amongst the Demon Clan as the absolute strongest demon who is strong without equal, fast without compare, and tougher than any other.[27]. Despite being a loyal vassal of the Demon Clan, Cusack is shown to be quite critical towards some of them as he outright called the Demon King being too compassionate with Meliodas in spite of his betrayal. Cho: Dale. Since their presence threatened Liones and all of Britannia, The Seven Deadly Sins were sent to deal with them. NNT - King presents himself for Elizabeth and ask about their sacret treasures - Duration: 1:38. [23] He also possesses immense speed and reflexes, as shown when he moves in between Zeldris and Ludociel in an instant to stop the latter's attack,[24] and is able to keep up with and outpace the speed of Ludociel's Flash. This attachment led him to express complete anguish and shame along with rage when he ranted about how he failed to protect Zeldris when Meliodas pinned him down upon his arrival to Camelot. Cusack reproaches Chandler not to scream so loudly because of the pain he suffers because of his memories returning. While trying to perceive where the attacks are coming from, Cusack receives another attack. 4. However, both quickly defeat Cath and stop Arthur from reaching the Excalibur. As he regains consciousness a little, Zeldris tries to ask Cusack to stop, but the Commandments are finally absorbed. There, he uses his Resonant to put Arthur under his control. He is also envious when Zeldris praises someone else as he said that if his love for Zeldris was on the line then he would not lose to anyone. Cusack, oblivious to the misfortune he had brought upon Zeldris, is amazed as he cried in tears of joy with the latter's power claiming that he will be a better king than his father. Papenbrook, Bryce. 332] However, the Demon King's death causes an imbalance that weakened the he and the Supreme Deity placed on Chaos.[ch. Cusack says that she will lament in hell for opposing the most powerful demons, when suddenly Merlin punch him in the face. There, Arthur quickly attacks Cusack by cutting his body in three parts and recovering Cath. Cusack is alarmed knowing that if he fails to escape, both he and Zeldris will be eliminated. After evading the attack of Escanor, Merlin assaults them with Double Impact. Elizabeth is later revealed to be the 107th reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, Meliodas' first love and daughter of the Supreme Deity of the Goddess Race. Image Gallery, Cusack「キューザック Kyūzakku」 is one of the highest-ranked demon of the Demon Clan[2] as well as Zeldris' former master. Sopprived, Cusack leaves the castle saying he has something to do. His hair and mustache also grow and turn white. Ludociel manages to strike him in the abdomen surprisingly warning him not to get cocky, but Cusack manages to resist without injury and responds with a headbutt. 1 english voice cast uncredited 1 1 main cast 1 2 secondary cast 1 3 minor cast 1 4. Merlin goes on to reveal that it is the Double Impact she used previously, which is actually an attack that combines the magical attributes of the four elements and multiplies it, which allowed Merlin to discover which elements were most vulnerable, being for Cusack the wind. 1. Getting inside Merlin's subconsciousness, he sees her true appearance. In the present day, he cheerfully runs the Boar Hat, a bar based on top of a giant pig, serving patrons infamously terrible food along with his brand of liquor. Ihm fehlt Gesichtsbehaarung, was weiter sein jugendliches Aussehen unterstreicht. His Sacred treasure, Lostvayne has a secret attack named ‘full counter’ which is Meliodas’ best attack. Daily Routine: Goddess slaying 6. They first encounter the Deadly Sins while tasked with decapitating the Armoured Giant and bringing his head to Helbram, with Gowther ending the conflict peacefully. Likewise superficially, and frequently in ironic or contradictory ways, the series references various traditions, including Christianity (e.g., The Seven Deadly Sins, the Ten Commandments) and the Arthurian legend (e.g., in naming Meliodas, Escanor, Merlin, Diane, Gowther, King, and Ban). During the battle, Chandler and Cusack receive collateral damage from Ludociel's Ruby Flash and Escanor's Crazy Prominence. According to the official fanbook: 1. The three demons are faced with Escanor, Merlin and Ludociel. [13] As the person who taught Zeldris how to wield a sword, Cusack possesses unmatched skill with a sword, being able to easily damage Ludociel in a fight with his blades. Related Articles. 34.5K 737 367. TV Show: … While the Assault Force is incapable against Zeldris, Cusack tells them that they should stop resisting and only die. They often engage in harmless banter, with Hawk frequently seen scolding Meliodas for his perverted actions towards Elizabeth. Bryce Austin Papenbrook (born February 24, 1986) is an American voice actor who has done voice work for Viz Media, Animaze, Bang Zoom! Kanji/Kana 3. When Cusack tells him that he will be the one to surpass him, Zeldris does not understand what he is referring to. When Cusack asks Zeldris to let him take care of him, he agrees as long as he does not allow anyone to disturb Meliodas. Kyūzakku Zeldris' Master (former) Cusack is very confident in his abilities, requesting Zeldris' permission to exterminate the Seven Deadly Sins, former Fairy King Gloxinia, and former Giant King Drole all by himself. Cusack personally confronts Merlin. Cusack While deliberating on how to kill Arthur, Merlin suddenly appears in front of him and uses her Icicle Castle to catch Cusack on ice. 30] Despite becoming a vessel for the Demon King before managing to force him out of his body, Meliodas freed him and Elizabeth from their curses though he would leave the living world because his power as a demon king.[vol. After being separated by Hendrickson, Ludociel uses his Gold Shining against Zeldris, with no effect on this one. Following the return of the Demons, members of the Goddess Race begin to resurface and gather for a new Holy War. He has done voice work for Animaze, Bang Zoom! Though purged from Meliodas, the Demon King's spirit was able to take over Zeldris's body with Cusack's help before engaging the Seven Deadly Sins in an epic battle.[vol. Cusack expresses that he now understands the strange feeling he had around Estarossa, as if he had gotten rid of something that blocked his throat. Cusack says that with the seal of the goddesses almost completely broken, everything is ready to go, saying that they will unravel what they are capable of due to their old age. Watch Queue Queue Queue The The Seven Deadly Sins Cast. He is also incapable of reflecting attacks if the opponent doesn't allow him to read the timing/nature of their attacks. Following Hendrickson's defeat and Dreyfus's disappearance, Baltra pardoned most of the knights as he preferred they atone for their actions. There, Cusack says that as a little Zeldris he used to ask why he was so devoted to him. Check out which anime shares the same voice cast! voiced by Erika Harlacher and 1 other. It is later revealed that Hawk is a denizen of Purgatory and the younger brother of Wild, the latest of the creatures that the Demon King used as a means of spying on Meliodas from Purgatory. The Liones Kingdom is the setting for most of the story with its Holy Knights (聖騎士, Seikishi) being among the most powerful knight orders in Britannia. He has voiced many notable roles, such as Shion in No. As Zeldris' former master and the highest-ranked demon, Cusack is extremely powerful. Hawk found Meliodas in a ditch sixteen years prior, and the two established a mobile bar together, having been together ever since. Zeldris has a younger half-brother, Meliodas. Born in February 24th, 1986. Sometime before the beginning of the series, via the machinations of the demon Fraudrin, Hendrickson orchestrates a coup d'état and takes control of Liones. Despite being frail and not a fighter, Elizabeth is very courageous and willing to protect others at the cost of her own health, like allowing Hendrickson to acquire her blood to free the Demon Race from the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Chandler and Cusack depart when he adopts the position that will release his original power, worrying both demons. Early life. Meliodas initially carried a sword hilt called the Dragon Handle before it was stolen by Helbram and later revealed to be a fragment of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, which was used to seal away the Demon clan. Meliodas. Chandler says that they should let him die and that his priority is to return the Commandments to Meliodas. Meliodas sieht auf seinem Fahndungsplakat komplett anders aus, da er lange nicht mehr gesehen wurde und es wird vermutet, des… Japanese Voice Actor - Yūki Kaji. Cusack is unhappy to hear that the Four Archangels had been awakened. Using the connection created between them by the Resonant, Cusack forces Arthur to pierce his own heart with Excalibur, preventing him from releasing the sword until his heart is completely destroyed. In battles, he swiftly brings down opponents as efficiently as possible as shown with Cath but will toy with them should he be bored enough and also if he is curious about them.
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